Split Panel Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Split panel doors

As all the doors we manufacture are bespoke, we can create any combination of coloured glass, wood panels, mirrors, frosted class etc

You may select how many dividing bars and panels you have and how they are distributed, for example you may request a door to be divided in to 3 equal sections or you may decide that you prefer a narrow band to the middle of the door. There are no restrictions, within reason, on how many dividing bars a door can have. There are no restrictions on mixing glass colours and panels etc. Please bear in mind that the cost will increase for each dividing bar you request. Please also remember that all doors in a set do not have to be matching, for example you may select 2 coloured glass doors with dividing panels and 1 full clear mirror door.

Pick up the phone and request a quote for your requirements or alternatively send by email to info@doorworkshop.co.uk