Frequently Asked Questions for sliding wardrobe doors

Are sliding systems difficult to install.

No, only basic DIY skills are required. The doors are delivered to you fully assembled with top and bottom runners already fixed. You will be required to cut the tracks to length using a hacks saw (preferably a fine tooth blade). Full installation instructions are provided with all systems. You will need to allow around half a day to fit door and tracks and around a day if fitting shelving and hanging rails also.

What about the interior shelving and hanging rails.

We will supply if required, shelving and hanging rails only when purchased along with sliding door systems.

What is the maximum wall width that you can cover?

The maximum length of the top and bottom tracks is 5000mm.But if your wall is longer than this by fitting an end support panel in the middle it will act as a dividing panel.

How many doors will my sliding system have?

When you input your opening width the computer generates the following amount of doors per width.

My wall width is 3000mm wide, do I have to have four doors, as I would prefer a three-door system.

We can manufacture any door which is made with a mirror panel, frosted squares or frosted lines or wood effect panel up to 48 inches (1220mm) wide and any door with coloured glass up to 42 inches (1066mm) wide.

You must either contact us or email your requirements so we can supply a special price for you. Please, when ordering doors this size, check that there is suitable access to the room they are being fitted in.

The sliding system is made to fit floor to ceiling –what is the maximum ceiling height?

If you are fitting your floor track directly to your floor without using floor fillers the maximum ceiling height without using ceiling fillers is 2489mm.

My ceiling is much higher than 2489mm. What do I do to still fit your sliding door system?

If the height difference is very slight, maybe up to an inch more then you can either use the adjustment allowed on the doors wheels or fit a floor plinth which you can either supply yourself or order through our accessories.

If the height difference is much greater we recommend that you first install ceiling filler, which is easily done using 3” x 2” timber and then fit a facia panel in front of this. We can supply you with more detailed literature showing exactly how this can be achieved.

The door to my bedroom does not allow me to fit wall to wall, what can I do?

Fit an end panel that we can supply and this will form in effect a false wall end.(See accessories).

I have measured the ceiling height at both ends of the room and they are not the same.

You have an average room, it’s very rare to find ceilings and floors that are perfectly level. The adjustment on the doors rollers allows enough adjustment to cover 99% of floor and wall discrepancies. If the difference from one end of the room to the other is as much as a couple of inches then try to identify if the culprit is the ceiling or floor .If it is the floor we would advise first laying your floor filler and packing underneath at the end which is lower then fitting the track on top of this. If the ceiling is responsible simply pack at the end which is higher. Remember to always supply us with the smallest ceiling height measurement.

What depth do they come out from the back wall?

We recommend about 610mm (two feet). This will give you an overall hanging depth of about 540mm after taking in to account the thickness of the doors and tracks. If you are fitting wall to wall you can set the system further out from the back wall if you prefer extra hanging depth although we feel the recommended depth above is sufficient.

My bedroom window does not allow us to fit the system out to 610mm.

Stop the system short of the window by fitting an end panel, which will form the end of the wardrobe and not interfere with your window or curtain rail.

Do I fix my bottom track directly to the floor?

You can fix your bottom track directly to the floor but another option which can sometimes make the fitting easier is to first fix a floor plinth which raises the track 18mm above the floor. This is particular useful if the floor runs out and allows you to pack under where floor discrepancies are evident. Also if you are fitting a carpet after it makes a much neater job.

Why would I fit wall plinths?

These are optional for that finishing touch. If you are fitting the system in to a room that has skirting boards if you do not cut in to the skirting boards your doors will stop at the skirting board which usually means that you have a 20mm gap above skirting board height between the door and the wall. This can be overcome by fixing the wall plinth above the skirting board up to the ceiling. If you are a perfectionist you can cut a gap 100mm wide in the skirting in line with the tracks and then fix the wall plinth from floor to ceiling.

My ceiling has a 45 degree slope on the right hand side, what do I do?

You must fit a panel from the wall where the slope starts to the point on the ceiling where it levels out. Usually customers use our shelf or end panels for this. If you are still unsure please call us for help or Email, fax a drawing.

What guarantees do you give with your sliding systems?

We have that much confidence in the system and the components that are used that we give a full five-year guarantee on all parts. The system is much more superior in quality than that of a DIY system. Although the guarantee does not extend to general wear and tear we will supply any replacement runners free of charge, which cease to operate correctly within the first five years.